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Random Posts

  • Nick Redfern Nick Redfern – Ufologist

    With more than a dozen books to his name, appearing on multiple syndicated television shows, and keeping a running blog, […]

  • Mark Anthony Mark Anthony – Psychic Lawyer

    If the voice of the guest on this week’s episode of The Malliard Report sounds familiar, that’s because it is. […]

  • Scott Wolter Scott Wolter – America Unearthed

    This week on The Malliard Report Jim welcomes a very special guest to the show; Scott Wolter. While probably most […]

  • David Paulides David Paulides – Missing 411

    National parks are beautiful and amazing places that draw millions of visitors each year. Stretching from coast to coast, these […]

  • Dr Scott J Kolbaba Dr Scott J Kolbaba

    When we think of Doctors, the most common assumption is that they are some of the most rational and scientifically […]

  • Brooke Lewis Brooke Lewis – Actress

    When faced with fear, dig deep inside, find your inner ‘vamp’ and Vamp It Out!” These are the motivating words […]

  • Jim Marrs Jim Marrs – investigative journalist

    Native of Fort Worth, and Red Raider Alum, this week’s guest on The Malliard Report is a very special one. […]

  • Roger Stone Roger Stone

    All Hallows’ Eve on The Malliard Report; The Fastest Hour in Paranormal Talk Radio. So it would be safe to […]

  • John Carman John Carman – Former US Secret Service Agent

    On this broadcast of The Malliard Report, we talk to our returning Guest, John Carman he is a retired Secret […]

  • David Oman David Oman – Haunted House

    August 8, 1969. One of the most infamous dates in Hollywood history. A wry 24 year old by the name […]


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