Mercury Retrograde Support – Glenn Steckling Postponed

Well, blame it on Mercury Retrograde, which started today. The Moon Landing show with Glenn Steckling will be here soon, just not tonight. Tonight Elizabeth Anglin will be in the SOR House, subbing for Dave Scott, giving a little extra TLC to listeners who are already feeling the Mercury Retrograde Blues. There may be some extra special guests as well – it just depends on 1) their computers 2) their phones 3) whether they are on the road somewhere with a flat tire. Don’t Miss this very See More special episode!


  1. 00:47

    Bumblefoot – Little Brother Is Watching (Lyrics / Letra)

  2. 57:20

    Jan 26 18 10pm Comm

  3. 116:35

    Jan 26 18 11pm Comm

  4. 176:46

    Bumblefoot – Little Brother Is Watching (Lyrics / Letra)

  5. 176:57

    Bumblefoot – Sleepwalking

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