March. 3/18 Conspiracy Talk With Jason Lindgren And Crrow777

Tonight we switch gears a little and discuss this highly controversial topic of of the sharpest razors on social media
and it seems we might have lost our way…with the shootings and the issue of gun control on many poeples minds it may help to understand
the nature of the mob and just how easy it is for us to tear eachother apart when we dont agree on a subject…rant about last weekend
Thats why I brought my guest on tonight because they too like myself are avid fans of See More freedom of speech Jason Lindgren from Crrow777 radio

is here with us

Jason Lindgren is the host of Secrets Of Saturn and Co-host of the popular show crrow777 radio. Jason has done extensive research in the fields of the occult, Cover-ups, UFOs, government conspiracy, ancient astrology, religions and more. Join us as Jason takes us down the rabbit
hole of controversial subjects including cover-ups, false flags, and the real global elite. Check out crrow777radio podcast to listen to his past work and secrets of Saturn…

Also Crrow himself makes a showing and Joe Monk Joins us to discuss the gun law contreversy

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