March 23/18 Thomas Sewid And Sasquatch Island

homas Sewid is the main guide on this adventure and is one of North America’s leading experts on Sasquatch/Bigfoot with a massive understanding of the North American Indian perspectives on the creatures. He has studied under and with guidance from Dr. John Bidernagel who is another leading Sasquatch/Bigfoot researcher, Thomas learned to continually study the scientific information pertaining to primates and relic humanoids. While we are traveling one will be enthralled by the depth of his See More knowledge of the creatures.

Alert Bay is home of numerous Kwakwaka’wakw artists that create some of the most sought after Sasquatch/Bigfoot related carvings in wood and metal. Your captain owns a resort on the island and knows almost all the artists that he can arrange you to meet with if you plan on ordering that custom piece? There’s also the art for sale in the U’mista Cultural Center and a couple other gallery’s found in this unique coastal island community.

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