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Welcome to the Malliard Report’s 24/7 Streaming page.

Not only are we the fastest hour in Paranormal Talk Radio, but we’re also now on at all hours of the day, every day, all for our fans listening pleasure.

So now you can sit back, grab yourself something to drink, relax a little bit, and enjoy the show as we bring to you all of the Malliard Reports interviews from past to present in an easy to listen to stream. Enjoy as our host, Jim Malliard sits down to talk with a wide range of different personalities. All of them ranging from different walks in life, that range from such personalities as Paranormal Investigators, Psychic Mediums, Conspiracy Theorists, as well as Authors, Artists, Musicians, and all sorts of other personalities. In fact, there’s always something in there for everyone. Old and newer fans of the show alike.

The best part of the streaming page as well? The fact that our fans can take advantage of the Malliard Reports playlist below in easy to download playlist settings, all available in any format depending on users audio program of choice. Simply click, download, and you can access the Stream at any time. So now you don’t even need to have your browser window open to enjoy the sound of Jim Malliard and his multitude of special guests.

So come stick around and enjoy all the fun. We have a feeling you won’t be disappointed, and you won’t have to wait too long for the Malliard Reports next show, not when you got access to the show at all hours of the day. Our way of giving back to our fans.
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Tell Your Friends You Are Here And You Like The Report!!

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