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Back in 2013 The Malliard Report was downloaded 56,000

In 2014 that number had exploded to 135,000

2015, The Malliard Report moves to which caused some slowing in downloads to 62,000 but The immediate result, a 25% jump in the live market that continues to grow every day.  World Find has located fans in all reaches of the US, in fact, every state. The Malliard Report has a world wide audience with listeners in 145 countries. A truly diverse demographic brought together by a common fascination in paranormal events and phenomena. Off the air, The Malliard Report is fully immersed in the social media scene with over 80K unique fans.These numbers and the quality of the programming has not gone unnoticed by the critics, as The Malliard Report is now ranked in the top 3000 shows on Stitcher. It’s on the verge of blasting through to the top 100 in it’s category.

2016 The Malliard Report showed growth across the board 80,000 downloads and major upswing in YouTube views.

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