dina rae

Dina Rae – Conspiracy Topics

Dina Rae Stops by The Malliard Report. Trump part of the New World Order plans? 4m06s mainstream media update #NYTimes 5m45s doomsday preppers 8m06s can we agree to get rid of the penny? 13m45s Liberty Bell and National Treasure with Jim’s Twist 15m59s explain the Dallas riots and impact 18m30s Area 51 vs Fort Knox revisited 27m45s Free Mason and control of the world? 44m57s All of this and much more on this Report. The interweaving of conspiracy theory is very interesting. Dina Rae brings an academic element to her novels by weaving research and history throughout the stories. Big […]

Jim Malliard

Ask Jim Malliard 2016

On this episode of The Malliard Report, its an off the cuff question night! During the day Jim asked for questions to be sent in and this is where he answered them all! This show took place during election night 2016. Julie who helps with content for The Malliard report plays host on this episode. If you’re a long-time fan of the show, you know the answer to some of the questions he is given. But for those who are new fans, this is a good way to get to know Jim and his journey. They talk about Jim’s Dream […]

predictions for 2017

Predictions for 2017

What an excellent show we have for all fans of the Malliard Report this week. Heck, Jim Malliard once more shows why his show is indeed the “Fastest Hour in Paranormal Talk Radio” again when he sits down and calmly explains that he doesn’t have a guest this week for us to enjoy. In fact, we get the full hour with Jim by ourselves, as well as a chat room full of fans talking to him during it’s live presentation, so this one is a special show indeed. Sit back, and relax! Opening the show, Jim Malliard explains why there’s […]

Rebecca Housel

Dr. Rebecca Housel – Pop Culture Professor

On this episode of The Malliard Report, the guest for the hour is Dr. Rebecca Housel, She is a long time friend of the host Jim Malliard. She is the Ceo of Soul Arrow Entertainment. As you listen to this episode you will realize the connection that Jim and Rebecca have. The way that Soul Arrow Entertainment came about is one you have to hear for yourself. The clientele of the business was film and tv clients and authors. She also does fundraisers and book promotions. Her business has a stance to repair the world. Each year a cause close […]


Dr. Roy L. Hill – Near Death Experiences

Tonight on The Malliard Report we are talking with Roy L. Hill. Roy is a former Federal Bureau of Prisons as a psychologist and eventually the Chief psychologist. He has given all that up and has been doing spiritual work and talking and teaching about near death experiences. Roy explains early on in the show what pushed him to give up a good job and the need to follow his passion. He also talks about what major event in his life brought him to a realization that there is more than just the normal in everyday life. This show is […]


Tammy Hopler from Spirit Chasers – Paranormal Society of Northern Virginia

Tonight on The Malliard Report, we talk with Tammy Hopler from Spirit Chasers – Paranormal Society of Northern Virginia. Tammy is a rare case in the paranormal field, she set out to disprove all of the things she was hearing, she was a skeptic from the start until her first night investigating. That night left her with more questions than answers and led her to form her team. Tammy found it hard to talk to people about her paranormal investigating she could only talk to very like-minded people, but as she was able to start talking more open about it. […]


Alisse Lee Goldenberg author

On The Malliard Report tonight we talk with Alisse Lee Goldenberg. She is an award-winning author of Horror, Young Adult Paranormal Romance, and Young Adult Fantasy fiction. She is currently working on two series: The Sitnalta Series (published by Pandamoon Publishing) and The Hadariah Chronicles. She has her Bachelors of Education and a Fine Arts degree and has studied fantasy and folklore since she was a child. Alisse is also a voice actress living in Toronto. The first part of the show is about her many books she has written, as well as the Pandamoon Publishing company and the work […]

Ryan Cek

Ryan Cek Chemtrail Dystopia

On this episode of The Malliard Report, we talk with the author of Chemtrail Dystopia (Mike Pocaro Book 1) Ryan Cek. This exciting book is about a Mike Pocaro a blogger and environmentalist. Who has begun to notice the differences in the skies and gains an interest in the theory behind Chemtrails. Ryan Cek goes into a sneak preview of his book and the stories behind it. Jim and Ryan then talk about the bit about the real life changes that are happing every day in the world and what could be the cause of it all. Also about these […]


Giovanni Dienstmann – meditation

On this broadcast of The Malliard Report, we talk with Giovanni Dienstmann. He is a transplant to Australia from Brazil, He is an author and app developer who has a strong passion for meditation. He has been using meditation in his daily life since discovering it as a young man. He goes on to explain the three different main types of meditation and what benefits can from using it daily. Being able to commit to using meditation has been said to center and focus you and help you improve your life. Giovanni goes on to explain how meditation can help […]

secret service

John Carman – Former US Secret Service Agent

On this broadcast of The Malliard Report, we talk to our returning Guest, John Carman he is a retired Secret Service Agent. He returns to the show again to talk more about his life as a secret service agent, and one of most interesting ghost stories Jim has ever heard. The show starts off talking about body doubles and Jimmy Carter. We all know that a lot of stories are out right now about the Candidates and as it gets closer to election time. They spend some time talking about the recent incident with Hillary Clinton at the 9-11 memorial. […]


Michael from the End of Days Radio

It’s all too often in life people become too rigid and stuck in a pattern of the same, not willing to explore something new. On this Report, We are reminded of just how many contrasting styles of paranormal talk radio are around for your enjoyment. During this show Jim Welcomes Michael from the End of Days Radio. He is the host and producer of his show and can be found and listened to on the TuneIn radio app on Saturday’s at 7:30pm pst/10:30pm est. Michael’s show is a 3-hours long and is driven by live calls. Where The Malliard report […]


Ben Mezrich -The 37th Parallel: The Secret Truth Behind America’s UFO Highway

A New York Times best-selling author, a Harvard alum, and a UFO enthusiast all walk into a restaurant and the hostess asks “table for one?” Besides being a very poor attempt at a very bad joke, this week’s guest on The Malliard Report is in fact all three. On this episode, Jim welcomes the very talented Ben Mezrich. Ben takes the time to discuss the trials of being an up and coming writer, his fascination with UFOs, what inspires him, what his future goals look like, and much more. Residing currently in Boston, and having grown up in Princeton, Ben […]

David Paulides Missing 411

David Paulides – Missing 411

National parks are beautiful and amazing places that draw millions of visitors each year. Stretching from coast to coast, these worlds of wonder spark a level of curiosity that draws some of us to explore deeper than the surface level stops. While most hikers and adventurers find their way home, there is an occasional few that unfortunately go missing. When this does happen, there seems to be a standard process that plays out: We catch a small snippet on the local news, are shown a few images of search teams with dogs and flashlights, and it is on to the […]


John Carman – Government Whistleblower

“To be silent is giving consent…I will do neither.” On this episode of The Mallliard Report Jim welcomes a guest that has a list of accomplishments and accolades that would impress even the most ambitious of people. A long term veteran of law enforcement and seeing a career that has spanned across several decades, John Carman has served as a member of The Secret Service (protecting the President, First Family, and many other prominent heads of state), worked as a San Diego Police officer, US Mint Police (protecting gold bullion at the US Federal Depository in San Francisco), and as […]


Micah Hanks – Paranormal Author and Podcaster

To say that this week’s guest is a busy man is a gross understatement. When he isn’t laying down that bluegrass sound and singing about a rendezvous with Baton Rouge; you may be able to catch him on his own podcast The Gralien Report, or read one of his many articles, or publications. This tireless troubadour is none other than Micah Hanks. Micah joins Jim on this episode to discuss inside baseball of the podcasting world and what the future may hold for the genre, third party politics, and how small seemingly mundane things can actually be significant paranormal events. […]


Brooke Lewis – Actress

When faced with fear, dig deep inside, find your inner ‘vamp’ and Vamp It Out!” These are the motivating words from an award winning actress, author, certified life coach, crowned “Scream Queen”, and self-professed “hot mess.” This week on The Malliard Report, Jim welcomes the beautiful and talented Brooke Lewis to talk about her busy career, the hauntings within her home, and to share how difficult creative gigs really are. (Both professionally and hobbyist levels) While Brooke has had a successful, genre spanning career, some of her most notable roles are from the mystery thriller “iMurders”, mobster flick “Sinatra Club”, […]


Bryan Anderson – Voice Over Arist

On this episode of The Malliard Report, Jim welcomes a guest that is a familiar one, but not in the sense of recurring interviews. That warming baritone parlance that greets us each week belongs to none other than Bryan Anderson, and he is here riding shotgun with Jim to discuss working in the voiceover industry, his experiences with MUFON, the paranormal podcast circuit, and his interactions with the unknown. As with any content producing genre (e.g. podcasts, music, film, writing, etc.) the end result is merely a tiny snapshot of many, many, hours of work, frustration, re-work, and the voiceover […]


Paranormal Investigating

Gear talk, conspiracy theories, and investigative locations. While this may sound like a typical episode of The Malliard Report, it does stray a bit from the norm. On this episode, the featured guest is none other than…Jim Malliard. While the duck may be flying solo, there is no shortage of great discussion, and thought invoking topics. Paranormal investigations are a difficult egg to crack. There are few fields that have as many relative variables as that of the paranormal. Some people may yield incredible results with one piece gear while others may have no luck at all. Someone may visit […]


Dark Waters Paranormal Researcher

Po-boys, beignets, jazz, and one of the oldest haunted histories in the United States; welcome to New Orleans. More than just the land of amazing food, and legendary phantoms, it is where this week’s guest of The Malliard Report calls home. On this episode Jim welcomes Dark Waters of The Dark Waters Channel. A New Orleans native, Dark Waters states that the paranormal is just a part of life there and with so many different paranormal elements (old history, war, mythical creatures, voodoo, disgraceful human practices, etc.) that it creates the perfect “paranormal gumbo”. After realizing that just about every […]


Dr Rita Louise – Archetypes of the Ancients

The Nephilim, meanings and correlations of mudra, a reptilian race, secret underground bases, the interconnectivity of ancient stories across varying cultures, spiritual and intuitive healing. No, this is not a paranormal/conspiratorial grab bag of topics for upcoming shows, but rather just some of the many topics that this week’s guest has a vested interested and deep understanding of. On this episode of The Malliard Report, Jim welcomes longtime friend and recurring guest, Dr Rita Louise. Whoever coined the old adage that there are never enough hours in the day must have been a close and personal friend with Dr Rita […]


Preston Dennett – UFO Research and Author

With a current total of nineteen books (and counting), five distinguished awards, noted references in or featured in major newspapers such as the L.A. Times and Dallas Morning News, countless articles, and thirty years worth of field research, this week’s guest on The Malliard Report is no stranger to the UFO and paranormal genre. Preston Dennett began his research in 1986 when he discovered that friends and family were having unusual and dramatic encounters with the unexplained. This eventually led him deeper into the proverbial rabbit hole, and now today he joins us on the show to share his ideas […]


John S. Weiss – Afterlife Is To Die For

The afterlife, spirit world, the other side. Whatever you define the hereafter as, it is the reasoning for the chicken crossing the road, and the question plaguing philosophers, thinkers, and laypeople alike. While you may have a different opinion on what happens to us once we cash in our chips on this plane and move onto whatever is next, John S Weiss’ experience is certainly worth taking note of. This week on The Malliard Report John S Weiss shares his experiences with visiting the other side, the guides he met along the way, and his theories as to what makes […]


Jordan Boneparty – Oak Island

If someone were to ask you where you thought hotbeds for paranormal and unusual activities were, what would you say? How about the western United States with a concentration of Wild West ghost towns, secret military bases, and dense woodland perfect for hiding large bipedal beasts? The medieval castles and ancient ruins of druidical mystery scattered all across the European countryside? While all these are correct, most people have a tendency to forget a major player in the world of weird. Littered with tales of UFOs, pirate treasure, mysterious wall rattling booms, and government spooks poking around into events that […]


Patrick Scott Sporer – Dream Cognition Experiment

Could your dreams be telling you something? Is there something more to the little synchronicities that play out through your day? Keep seeing a word, place, or series of numbers over and over? Could this be the universe trying to reveal something hidden by the opacity of the everyday mundanity we all sludge through? These are the questions that this week’s guest on The Malliard Report is trying to answer. Meet Patrick Scott Sporer: US Army veteran, bodybuilder, gym owner, and predictive dreamer. While the later may seem oddly different from the other endeavors that Patrick has undergone, it has […]

George Noory

George Noory – Coast to Coast AM

Welcome to a very special five year anniversary episode of The Malliard Report. Five years to the day in fact, this duck first took flight. (Synchronicities much?) To help commemorate this milestone achievement Jim welcomes the velvet voiced radio and television personality from “West of the Rockies”, George Noory. Noory, who is known best for his role as host of the mass syndicated radio program Coast to Coast AM, also holds a recurring guest role on the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens, and leads the Gaiam TV program Beyond Belief with George Noory. With a lifelong fascination of UFOs since childhood, […]