Energy Work with Betty Collins

In the paranormal news we have John Williams’ humble Newfoundland beginnings, baby thylacines and a man on poo strike. The […]

Canadian Odd-yssey


00:0000:00 Predators  **WARNING** This episode contains graphic language about violence towards children, please use your discretion. This will be our […]

E4 Jonathan Mallard

Feb 25th, 2018 by paranormalheart In episode 4, my dear friend, Jonathan Mallard, and I  have great fun talking about […]

EP2 Ileata Kinley

EP1 Tracy Moore

The Battle Affects All

Check it out!! An all new episode!!“The Battle Affects All” Justin and Erik talk to Dr. Karl Payne about spiritual […]

Tell Me Your Name, Demon!!

Angelology 101

March 21/18 – Hiding In Washington’s Forests with Samantha Ritchie

Samantha Ellen Ritchie is a cryptid investigator from Washington State, who studies Bigfoot, Forest Little People and the paranormal that […]

The Story of Rohinie Bisesar

Toronto, Ontario. December 2015. In the middle of the day, and within the aisles of Shoppers Drug mart, an unprovoked […]

Where is Troy Cook?

2017 – Year End Wrap Up

SAFETY DOC PODCAST 15 A Blind Man’s Amazing Stories about Personal Safety – Interview with David Hyde

FACT:  David Hyde (left) Bench-Pressed His Guide Dog Out of a Window During A Fire Drill at a Prison.  David […]

Malcolm LaVergne

Malcolm LaVergne – lawyer for O.J. Simpson

With a case that is as synonymous to the 90s as much Rollerblades, Grunge, and Friends, the O.J. Simpson trial […]

Roger Stone

Roger Stone