Christmas in July!

Hello Friends!

I am so excited about a few things that have happened in 2018, I wanted to put them all together and share them with you!

First, The Live Report has a beautiful new chat room with emojis. The Duck Pond has never looked so good and had some much fun. I hope you swing by and check out Tuesday Night at 9 pm eastern.

Second, The move, re-brand and securing to is complete!

Third, The Report has had some amazing guests in 2018 to name a few, Malcolm LaVergneBryan Hopkins,  Jerome Corsi, George Noory Cynthia BasinetJames Fitzgerald and Natalie Schilling even sneaking a few bonus reports out with Ted Malloch, Roger Stone and others!

And, Finally The release of Highlighed clips to make The Malliard Report even more Shareable then before!

Thanks For Reading, See you on the pond



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